'On the Beach'... how it was created

I have been asked a few times how I create the pages in my workbook. So I have photographed this one as it progressed to try and show the sort of things I do and the materials I use. My pages either start from photos (I use a pogo printer on my hols) or as in this case a collection of items. So here goes...

The book I use is a 10 by 8 inch journal with cream lined paper. The paper isn't anything special but does with stand all the materials I use. 

This page started with a collection of items I found on the beach. I started (on the beach) with a simple pencil drawing.

I then broke up the background by printing with Acrylic paint and bubble wrap. The paint I use is by Docraft that I get from Boyes. It is inexpensive but I like it as it give a matt finish.

Once dry, I then fill in a background colour with Koh-i-noor water colours. ( this was done back at the tent)

To add tone I like to use a handwriting pen that is water soluble. I outline / add detail / add shading / etc.

This is then softened with water.

As a lot of the area is now colour I use white acrylic to bring back the high lights. 

To add detail I use Aqua markers. I like these as you have the option of leaving the detail or blending the colours.

(colours blended)

I then work back into the page with my hand writing pen, this time not blending with water.

Finally comes the text and stamps.

I write about all sorts on the pages. Thoughts I have had while there, things I have seen, memories, what I have seen, things that caught my eye... in fact anything really. My work journal is there as a record of what has gone on. I don't tend to use them directly in my work but there are usually little things that you will see appear.

I hope you have found this process interesting and if it has inspired you to get out your book and make a start then I am pleased I could help.


Colours and textures from the beach

Here is the page based on the photos I took on the beach. I love playing with the colours and layering up materials xx


...on to the beach

Spent the day on the beach, paddling,  a game of cricket and the brooke sand dam to stop the sea. Noticed all the lovely colours and textures on the rocks and new inspiration dawned. So camera in hand I have taken some pics ready to add to my book.
I also finished the Alnwick garden pages...


Alnwick adventure...

Not done my workbook pages today as spent a whole day in the gardens. (Hopefully work on it tomorrow)
It's been a few years since I was last there and things have grown alot!
A cloudy day slowly turned into a beautiful sunny one, so the adventure began.  The bamboo maze was the first place the girlies wanted to explore and we soon heard them running around "den den dur-ing" every where (a new saying from a sloth on the Croods film) playing in the water features was then main task of the day. We were also entertained by 2 funny gardening fellas and the girls also made mini scarecrows. Of course there was the fabulous treehouse to explore and plants galore.  We ended the day with ice cream and a deadly tour of the poison garden. Lucky we got a friends of alnwick ticket and will be back next week to explore more xx


A new day dawns...

Another packed day started with a walk to Seahouses and watching the seamen bring in their catch of the day. The stacks of crab and lobster pots have always intrigued me, as too all the rope and netting. After a wander ( yet more dandelions and others gorgeous plants photographed) and lunch it was down onto the beach. There was some rope washed up on the beach and the colours and textures were a joy to behold. This gave me the inspiration for the next page in my workbook. ..Knot...on returning to the campsite I recorded to plants we had also seen on the following page.
A lovely lady, via my facebook page, directed me to a lovely poem... The Joy of Dandelions. ..by Sannel Larson.
I love the line
'Some become playful children's wishes'
It is worth looking up. That's it for today...Alnwick Gardens tomorrow...can't wait xx


New holiday pages...

Well finally made it to the summer holidays. I am going to continue my workbook pages and will keep you up dated on my goings on. After the heat wave of late things have cooled down a little. Good job as putting a tent up in full sun is no joke.
This year we are back in Seahouses, Northumberland.  It is a gorgeous neck of the woods, long beaches, space for the girls to play and the cream teas at the Copper Kettle cafe in Bamburgh ( yum).
So on to the start of new workbook pages. After setting up we went down to walk on the beach and on opening the car door my girls yelled "look mummy" A sea of giant dandelions,  my idea of heaven lol.
So after photographing loads they had to be the theme of my first pages. We even brought some in bud back just to watch them grow. It is fantastic that my family know me well enough not to think I am mad!