...and the playing continues

Well its amazing where inspiration can bite you on the bum... visiting the sixth form I came across this lovely plant that set my mind a racing...

Following on from Fiona's workshop I continued with my drawing, expanding into my previous work, incorporating collage.

These shapes were from the work I did on Saturday, adding 'doodles' onto them which I  think will transfere into stitch.


trying new ideas...

Started trying new ideas combining ideas from yesterday and my current work. Not right yet but I like the idea of layering up sections and shapes. Back to the drawing board and keep trying ideas out :-)

Lovely day on Fiona Wilson's workshop

Mapping marks for stitch was a lovely day full of enthusiasm and playing. Fiona had previously been to the embroiders guild to talk about her work and I was delighted when she said she would do a workshop. We started 'warming' up with  range of drawing techniques using some of Fiona's images as inspiration. I chose an ariel view of a housing area in Copenhagen, mainly as it reminded me of dandelion clocks :0

So to the first challenge drawing looking at the image and not at the paper

We then went onto draw looking at both (too much pressure for every one :( ) then a massive mental challenge. use both hands, different media and draw at the same time.
We then created a new 'tool' combining a number of items and continued drawing. Every ones work was amazing and so different.

We went onto thinking about design, taking a line for a walk, using windows, spotting areas we liked and wanted to develop.

Onto the machine, experimenting with  threads, stitches, length, width, tension and free machining. The rest of the afternoon was spent experimenting and playing. I had a fantastic day and wanted to carry on, especially after Fiona demonstrated working with holes and 'free' thread sections. Oh well just need to play at home with the ideas that are flying around my head. I am sure more will be to follow xxx


very productive afternoon :)

Had ideas buzzing round my head for developing my stitched collage. Building up to  large piece. Began by working out seed head shapes on mini cards...

Developed this into a larger card, next stage onto canvas. Adding a mixture of fabric and paper. I just love working like this. xx


Day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture park

On a lovely walk with my family on a spring day collecting inspiration :)

Stitched Collage workshop

Check out my facebook page for up coming information on my first workshop. Looking for guinea pigs so first one is FREE :)


Jackie Cardy at the embroiders guild

Had a fantastic night at the embroiders guild. Jackie Cardy came to talk about her life and work. Full of ideas and inspiration, I came away with ideas buzzing around my head.


Check out Jackie's blog