work from Maggie Smith day

Lovely work by Maggie, fantastic sketch book and nice to see all the areas she works in. There are many avenues to her work, her own personal journey nd the work she makes to sell. I love my bird I could not resist giving a home to.

New work on the go...

Samples of work that I am playing with at the moment... Blue wall hanging inspired by the seaside and will include ideas from Maggie Smith workshop. 3 hangings make up the final piece, more images will follow as the piece moves forward.


Maggie Smith Play Day

Lovely day spent stitching and stuffing. Working with the Halifax embroiders guild and Maggie Smith on ways of stitching a stuffing fabric. Work mainly focused on circles of varying sizes exporing trapunto quilting and other techniques.
The previous night we were entertained by Maggie as she took us on a journey through her work, techniques and inspiration. She has a number of strings to her bow including stuffed creatures. I fell in love with a little bird that I had to give a home to, so cute. Her work is inspirational and lots of new ideas are running through my head.