'On the Beach'... how it was created

I have been asked a few times how I create the pages in my workbook. So I have photographed this one as it progressed to try and show the sort of things I do and the materials I use. My pages either start from photos (I use a pogo printer on my hols) or as in this case a collection of items. So here goes...

The book I use is a 10 by 8 inch journal with cream lined paper. The paper isn't anything special but does with stand all the materials I use. 

This page started with a collection of items I found on the beach. I started (on the beach) with a simple pencil drawing.

I then broke up the background by printing with Acrylic paint and bubble wrap. The paint I use is by Docraft that I get from Boyes. It is inexpensive but I like it as it give a matt finish.

Once dry, I then fill in a background colour with Koh-i-noor water colours. ( this was done back at the tent)

To add tone I like to use a handwriting pen that is water soluble. I outline / add detail / add shading / etc.

This is then softened with water.

As a lot of the area is now colour I use white acrylic to bring back the high lights. 

To add detail I use Aqua markers. I like these as you have the option of leaving the detail or blending the colours.

(colours blended)

I then work back into the page with my hand writing pen, this time not blending with water.

Finally comes the text and stamps.

I write about all sorts on the pages. Thoughts I have had while there, things I have seen, memories, what I have seen, things that caught my eye... in fact anything really. My work journal is there as a record of what has gone on. I don't tend to use them directly in my work but there are usually little things that you will see appear.

I hope you have found this process interesting and if it has inspired you to get out your book and make a start then I am pleased I could help.


  1. It's lovely.

    If only I could draw!

  2. Wow that was a quick reply Wendy thank you. Everyone can draw, you just need to stop worrying what other people think and enjoy yourself doodling. The more you doodle the better you will get xx ( give it a go xx)

  3. Always fascinating to look at other's sketchbooks and especially how artists carry out their work. Thanks for sharing.

  4. that is so interesting Anne. I too keep journals although my drawing skills leave a lot to be desired! But, as you suggested to Wendy, Doodling is fun or sometimes I just take a line for a walk...and colour in the spaces! Then add my written thoughts ...

    Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful artwork....

  5. Lovely....so good to see your steps.

  6. Anne..try this..close your eyes and draw something, give yourself permission to be free with the pencil you may surprise yourself

  7. That was fascinating - thank you very much for explaining it all. I just sit here and marvel at the outcome!

  8. These are really lovely, I tend to take far too much on holiday and so don't know what to use. Inspirational sketchbooks. I'm def going to keep trying and trying , my drawing and painting is finally beginning to feel normal but has a LONG way to go. Thanks for sharing this. xx

  9. Loved seeing your progress and amazed at that paper...hardly warped at all! Super work and visually exciting :)