Stitched collage boxes workshop

What a lovely way to spend Saturday, creating and making. I had my second stitched collage box session today and everyone had a busy, creative day.

We spent the morning putting the nets together. Mixing collage with machine embroidery everyone's boxes were beginning to look good. In the afternoon we began hand embellishing the nets with hand embroidery and found buttons and bits and bots.

I love the way everyone starts at the same point and with the same instructions, but ends up with something unique and individual. I took photos of the nets before they were turned into the boxes as the look totally different.

This was the back and front of Natalie's. We were now ready to create the boxes. After some gentle persuasion under the sewing machine the boxes were complete. I think they are all fantastic and everyone worked really hard to finish them before the end of the day ( even if be ran over a little :-) )


Needle felting workshop as part of the Brighouse Arts festival

As part of the festival I will be running a needle felting workshop on 
Saturday 21st September, 
12.30 to 3.30 
at the Brighouse library.
Tickets are now on sale for £10 each

We will be needle felting an inspirational image of your choice and then hand embellishing it with the finer details.

Most materials will be provided but you are asked to bring
An image you would like to recreate
Embroidery cotton
Buttons and bits and bots
(In the colours of your image)

Click on the link to buy tickets


Another day out in gorgeous Whitby

Well after a lovely day felting, we decided to have a day out in my favourite place Whitby. The day was lovely, a stroll along the beach and into the town. As usual I was distracted by the weeds on the banking as we made our way down to the beach.

Beautiful greens and more inspiration for new work xx


felting vessel day

I was really looking forward to this workshop. I have to thank Jenny Pepper for her fantastic teaching that enabled me to run this session. It all came about people asking me how I made my own pots that were for sale at shows and would I teach them.

My first problem was where to run the sessions from, as my studio was not suitable. Thanks to Liz, she suggested Cafe 139 in Brighouse (which I also have work for sale at) and the room above was perfect. So we were all set up and ready to be potty. :-D

Everyone arrived and we started felting. We were using a seamless technique with merino wools. The morning was spent busy layering wools and rubbing away.

So just before a lovely lunch in the Cafe, these were the pots just before we were ready to cut them open.

So on to the hard work, which was better than a work out, you just need to make a pot. Everyone was amazed how differentthey looked once they were opened out and moulded. Some enjoyed the `throwing` of them, a little too much.

Here are the finished pots and I think they are all wonderful. Lovely colour combinations, textures and shapes. Thanks again to everyone for coming I hope you enjoyed it as much I did.

The workbook workshop continues

We had a `come along and work` day for session 7. The day was spent continuing with our books. Janice carried on updating her book with all the activities she has been doing. Liz created some beautiful pages inspired by photos of the beach she took. Jan continued with her Amsterdam book, Jane was creating backgrounds for her cardoon themed book and Danuta was creating pages based on her Holiday. Sally wasn`t there this time as she was spending a lovely day at the races.We have 1 more session in August where we will be presenting the work we have been doing over the year.

In September a new session will start. I think it will run on an evening each month with a full day every 4 or 5 months. If you are interested in joining please email me hannemade@gmail

I have discovered Wooly Knit

Over half term I went with Jane and both my girls to Wooly Knit in Diggle. What a gem to discover. We went on a Tursday as you can do felting for free!! Arriving in time for a lovely lunch, in the new extention, we were soon settled next to the log fire curled up on the leather sofas. The food was lovely, but not as lovely as the wall of merino wool the filled a whole wall in the shop area.

As it was half term the workshop was busy, so my girls got stuck in felting while I did some shopping ready for my felting workshop. A fab time was had by all and we will definately be back in the summer.

Stitched Collage workshop

Sorry this post is a little late, but my h-anne-made world has been a little hectic at the moment.
We had a lovely day collaging and stitching, this on rearranged due to lots of snow.

Again I am always surprised at the range of work created and everyone's work, I am sure you will agree,  is fantastic.


If you would like to come on a workshop. Check out my dates and availability page or website. More dates coming soon xx