Alnwick adventure...

Not done my workbook pages today as spent a whole day in the gardens. (Hopefully work on it tomorrow)
It's been a few years since I was last there and things have grown alot!
A cloudy day slowly turned into a beautiful sunny one, so the adventure began.  The bamboo maze was the first place the girlies wanted to explore and we soon heard them running around "den den dur-ing" every where (a new saying from a sloth on the Croods film) playing in the water features was then main task of the day. We were also entertained by 2 funny gardening fellas and the girls also made mini scarecrows. Of course there was the fabulous treehouse to explore and plants galore.  We ended the day with ice cream and a deadly tour of the poison garden. Lucky we got a friends of alnwick ticket and will be back next week to explore more xx

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  1. Hi Anne - been reading your lovely blog for a wee while. The Water Gardens are fabulous! Looks like you all had a great time! I've been a few times and loved the rose garden and walled garden. It's a great place for kids! :-)x