Well I am totally shattered after a fab weekend in Cockermouth. Setting off straight after work, a 2 1/2 hour drive, 3 hours setting up then off to the hotel. I am always surprised how different a sheep pen can look when turned into a mini gallery...

Off to the hotel and our adventure continued. Arrived tired and hungry only to find the restaurant shut and the wrong room reserved. After sorting out the room (in a crossroads style motel country hotel???) we went to the bar and had a G&T with a packet of crisps for tea!!!
Thank goodness the breakfast was good and set us up for a long day. Coffee fulled and we were ready for everyone to arrive.

Yet again we met some fantastic people, old and new, and spent most of the day talking (which as many of you know is hard for me lol ) Tired and happy we headed back for an early night and we were back again before we knew it. Had a bit of time to have a wander around and look at the fabulous work that was on show. Just a shame I didn't have time to have a good look at everything. I have a few photos for you to look at.

Well after a lovely day it only took 1 hour to take everything down and pack it all in the car to head home again. Thanks to everyone at Woolclip for organising the event and everyone at Woolfest for making it a fabulous 2 days.

Print, collage and stitch workshop

It has been a while since my last post since my last post My new workshop was held at my studio a couple of weeks ago and we had a fabulous afternoon.
The first part involved a lot of printing and making a mess. Creating a range of backgrounds ready for the next process.

We all loved our scrap paper that was used to clean the stamps and rollers off.

Everyone then began playing with their papers, tearing, cutting and putting back together before we began stitching.

A busy afternoon machining followed by hand stitching and everyone's banners were attached to a mini hanger. The work done was fantastic and I was very disappointed that everyone took them home as I would have loved to have kept them all.