Stitched Collage workshop

Yet another day spent creating some fabulous stitched collages. 6 ladies came to my studio to begin to create unique work influenced by my work and techniques. After a discussion about my work, how I develop my ideas and how the stitched collage work came about, they began to look at the images they had brought and began sketching some basic ideas.

From these sketches, backgrounds were created. Trying out colour combinations, cutting, ripping and then the sticking began. Working on each layer of the stitched collage sandwich everyone developed their drawing into a basic collage. 

After a quick bite to eat, the sewing began. I am always amazed how different everyone's work is, even when given the same information. Here is the outcome of a very productive afternoon.


Day out to Farfield Mill

Woke up to a very foggy Brighouse, but a sunny feeling inside as we were off to Farfield Mill for the day.

We set off after breakfast and as we got beyond Skipton the sun began to break through.After just under 2 hours we arrived at the mill. Going in full of anticipation we weren't disappointed.

I was blown away by the gallery, I wish it was nearer as I would spend a lot of time there. Then I spotted the studios that are around the gallery and was totally green with envy. What a fabulous place to work. On walking round I recognised a lot of the work and then spotted Elaine Hughes  studio. I had come across her work in embroidery magazine and when 1 of my students used her work as inspiration for her exam. I am hooked, I love her work and it was a shame that she wasn't there today as I would have loved to have looked round her studio space and have a chat. I had to make do with a lovely card and hopefully in the future one of her collages, here's hoping.

We then had a spot of lunch in the lovely cafe before carrying on looking at some fabulous work. First on 'Page, paper, stitch, text' featuring the work of Annwyn Dean, Joan Newall and Elizabeth Shorrocks. I saw some of their work at Art in the Pen and I loved seeing their work again.

62@50 was the next exhibition. There was work by a number of the artists In the group.
 A wide range or media was represented, but the work of Jane Mckeating caught my eye. I loved the attention to detail, the delicate fabric and the hand stitching. Th envelopes were beautiful and I am intrigued to find out how to transfer drawing onto really fine fabric.

All in all the day was fabulous and well worth another visit xx


Workbook workshop part 1 out of 6

On Saturday I started my series of workbook workshops.

I love keeping a journal and do so all the time to record my practical work. But last year I began a visual diary to chart everything I do. Like a lot of creative people I have boxes and files of the things I have collected over the years, photos taken and I have done nothing with them, so I decided to spend the time organising everything in a book as it happened. So I began to record the shows, galleries, workshops, ideas etc that I came across on my travels. 18 months later it is getting very full and people love looking through it.

So I was asked if I could put together some workshops to share how I approach this and Saturday was session 1. We had a lovely morning exploring books, looking at examples, being inspired by the work of others and getting ideas for the start of a new book.

A new white paged book can be very scary, so we began by working onto the pages using a range of techniques. The challenge over the next month is to decide on a theme/idea/focus for the book. In addition I set everyone a 2inch challenge.
I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone does. I have just about filled last years book so have decided to start a new one as well. I will keep uploading things as I do them.
So keep calling back


Unit twelve exhibition

Wow what a week. I heard on Wednesday that my work has been selected for Unit Twelves Contemporary Open Exhibition. Have a look at their website and face book page to see what else is going on.

little felt pots

I have been a little bit addicted to creating felt pots at the moment. I learnt the technique on a felt making course with Jenny Pepper https://www.facebook.com/JennyPepperFeltmaker I have added by clover leaves and my favorite stitch, the french knot.


Alice Fox exhibition

First student wins first prize

Congratulations to Jane who attended my first stitched collage workshop who has entered her work to the WI and won first prize...

To add to this she entered one of my cards and it came second :)