A new day dawns...

Another packed day started with a walk to Seahouses and watching the seamen bring in their catch of the day. The stacks of crab and lobster pots have always intrigued me, as too all the rope and netting. After a wander ( yet more dandelions and others gorgeous plants photographed) and lunch it was down onto the beach. There was some rope washed up on the beach and the colours and textures were a joy to behold. This gave me the inspiration for the next page in my workbook. ..Knot...on returning to the campsite I recorded to plants we had also seen on the following page.
A lovely lady, via my facebook page, directed me to a lovely poem... The Joy of Dandelions. ..by Sannel Larson.
I love the line
'Some become playful children's wishes'
It is worth looking up. That's it for today...Alnwick Gardens tomorrow...can't wait xx


  1. Lovely sketchbook pages and photos. Can see your creative juices overflowing!! My sister in law, Pennie, works at Alnwick gardens - I know you will enjoy it. Have a great holiday xx

    1. Hi Gail hope you are well. I am loving the break and looking forward to tomorrow. Its been a few years since I last went to the garden so excited to be going again xx