London baby....

A well earned break for the Brooke's and we headed to London. A fab Saturday afternoon exploring the markets in Brixton. It has changed alot in the 2 years since we were down last. A fabulous mix of food, fabric, vintage cloths and people watching.
Sunday was spent exploring Kew Gardens, in the gorgeous sunshine. We caught the boat taxi up the Thames and walked through Kew...so English with the cricketers playing on the green.
After a pit stop for food we explored the tropical glass houses. Amazing plants, some with leaves bigger than me ( and that's big lol ) Beautiful iron work and a different view of the world from the balcony in the roof.
We then explored the Princess Diana greenhouse and captured some fabulous close ups of the cactus, flowers and pitcher plants.
Then onto the perfect garden...the Gin Garden. I always knew Gin was good for you and this garden proved it with our rhubarb, geranium and rose gin that was to have balancing properties...whether it did or not it tasted delicious.
On to the tree walk and climbing 20 meters into the tree canopy. Only then did I remember I don't like heights!!! A quick run round and back to tera-pherma and a much needed ice cream.
We only managed half the park and will be back to finish off another time.
Monday saw us exploring Camden Market...what a fabulous place. There was a street food market and we all tucked into food from around the world...yummy.
Off to Regents park for the girls to play in the park and back to Brixton.
We have had a lovely time and we are all shattered so it is bye bye London until next time...


...day 2 group

Up and ready for day 2... workroom ready for a new day creating workbooks. It has been a lovely summers weekend and we spent it creating some more fabulous work. Everyone had a lovely day and here is what they created...

Thanks to everyone that came
Anne xx

Workbook in a day:- day 1 group

What a busy weekend I have planned, 2 workshops covering my favorite theme workbooks. I have been working in my own books for over 4 years now. They have evolved over time and if you follow my facebook page you will have seen the different formats I use. The propose of the day is to share my ideas, ways of working and hopefully to inspire others to use their books on a regular basis.

All set up and ready to start playing. The morning was spent experimenting with materials and techniques, then after lunch we began to apply the experiments to the workbooks. I am always amazed as to the variety of work that is done when everyone was given the same information. Some fantastic work was produced and this is just a glimpse...

...now onto day 2.