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Been playing in the sun :-)

Inspirational images, love the corset and the two different textures reminds me of seed pods with the hard outer protective shells and the softer inside.

Developing colour themes, mainly based on creams with a green accent. Working on texture and shape in the development of my work.

Colour board


The most gorgeous cards in whole world!!!!!


Stop The Clock Design

Natural Necklaces

Ana Hagopian
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lovely layering...

Seed Pods by Sally MacCabe


Beautiful ideas...

I saw this while searching for inspiration, I love the colours and layering. 
Honesty seed pods were used with disperse dyes to print on sheer fabrics which were then layered onto hand dyed muslin.
The dyed seed pods were attached and the white 'fake' seed pods were made using dissolvable fabric.

arth and nitya: peanut(ty)


arth and nitya: peanut(ty)

What a fantastic idea, I love creating sketchbooks of varying sizes but never thought about going tiny!!!

Inspiration boards

Once upon a stitch in time...

Seed Pods, the capsules of life, have been a passion of mine for a while. They are the main inspiratoon for my work at the moment and I have decided to record my journey...