RIGHT Time for a new start...

OK think I have done seed pods to death, well for the time being I need some new inspiration. So I am wiping the board clean, literally, I am going to re sort out my studio, paint the walls and sort out my stuff. Then I can start a new, so here we go


starting to collect inspiration, images take photos and gather my thoughts...

http://pinterest.com/annebrooke/circles/  see what I have collected so far.


Finished 'pods 1,2,3' and 'Honesty'

'Honesty' work in progress is on some earlier posts. 'Pods 1,2,3' are mini versions of the same process. Layering up different fabrics then cutting back into them. I have then done a mix of embellishing (machine), machine sewn and hand sewn with some beading. I love the finished effect and it is one I am going to explore more... watch this space.

pinterest.com check it out!!!!

Just found this site after reading about it in a magazine. In short it is an online mood board. Fab way to store images that you find as inspiration, you like but not sure why (but don't want to lose it). Set up an account then as you are browsing the site or the Internet you just 'pin' an image and select the mood board you want it to go on. It shows the image and also where you got it from, FAB idea try it out but be warned I created my account 2 hours ago and am already addicted to collecting images lol :)
Have a look at mine http://pinterest.com/annebrooke