felting vessel day

I was really looking forward to this workshop. I have to thank Jenny Pepper for her fantastic teaching that enabled me to run this session. It all came about people asking me how I made my own pots that were for sale at shows and would I teach them.

My first problem was where to run the sessions from, as my studio was not suitable. Thanks to Liz, she suggested Cafe 139 in Brighouse (which I also have work for sale at) and the room above was perfect. So we were all set up and ready to be potty. :-D

Everyone arrived and we started felting. We were using a seamless technique with merino wools. The morning was spent busy layering wools and rubbing away.

So just before a lovely lunch in the Cafe, these were the pots just before we were ready to cut them open.

So on to the hard work, which was better than a work out, you just need to make a pot. Everyone was amazed how differentthey looked once they were opened out and moulded. Some enjoyed the `throwing` of them, a little too much.

Here are the finished pots and I think they are all wonderful. Lovely colour combinations, textures and shapes. Thanks again to everyone for coming I hope you enjoyed it as much I did.

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