Workbook workshop part 1 out of 6

On Saturday I started my series of workbook workshops.

I love keeping a journal and do so all the time to record my practical work. But last year I began a visual diary to chart everything I do. Like a lot of creative people I have boxes and files of the things I have collected over the years, photos taken and I have done nothing with them, so I decided to spend the time organising everything in a book as it happened. So I began to record the shows, galleries, workshops, ideas etc that I came across on my travels. 18 months later it is getting very full and people love looking through it.

So I was asked if I could put together some workshops to share how I approach this and Saturday was session 1. We had a lovely morning exploring books, looking at examples, being inspired by the work of others and getting ideas for the start of a new book.

A new white paged book can be very scary, so we began by working onto the pages using a range of techniques. The challenge over the next month is to decide on a theme/idea/focus for the book. In addition I set everyone a 2inch challenge.
I am really looking forward to seeing what everyone does. I have just about filled last years book so have decided to start a new one as well. I will keep uploading things as I do them.
So keep calling back

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