Here is an update...sorry it's been so long

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Things have been busy and here is a snap shot of whats been going on...

Another good year turning a pen into a mini gallery for the weekend. It is always a lovely atmosphere and always lovely to see visitors that come year on year. It was nice that it didn't rain this year and was a fun weekend.

     from this...to this...

Well I have lived in Yorkshire all my life and this is the first time I have been to Spurn point. It started out as a day out of all of us and we loved it so much we came back for bank holiday weekend. It is a truly un-spoilt stretch of coast line on the east coast of England. Spending the day walking, playing and collecting 'stuff' kept us all entertained. Even the BBQ on the beach was lovely. The girls even went swimming!!! We will definitely be back.

...even on the beach workbook-ing continues...

We had a lovely day out at the YSP to go and see the Tower of London Red poppies. I think it was lovely that the poppies have gone on tour so that everyone could see them. I didn't expect to get so close that you could touch them but you could. They were breath taking coming up out of the lake onto the bridge.

Back to the pens in Skipton for a yarn-y weekend. Another fantastic year meeting friends, old and new. It was so busy I didn't really get chance to have a look round but everyone said how good all the pens were. I suppose it meant I couldn't spend too much but I did buy a large felted pebble from Lindsay Tyson..yummy

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