Here is a look at my new work and it's development

It all started with a walk on the canal with my girls one evening after work. It is a busy time of year at the moment with all the exams and exhibitions so after a busy day and leaving work to be greeted by a lovely spring evening we decided to go for a walk and get some fresh air. As usual I was soon on my own on the path as the girls explored the woodland between the canal and river. Wondering what they were up to I went to investigate only to be greeted by a spring time wonderland and the inspiration I was looking for.


Out came the camera phone (what did we do before modern technology) and I began to capture the flora and fauna. As I did ideas began to spin around my head and that evening I began to get my ideas down on paper. My doodling developed into a collage with planned stitching doodle on the top.

The doodle progressed on to 2 small sample collages that are still works in progress. As I was working on these pieces I found a blank canvas in my studio so began to put together a larger version of these pieces. I had wanted to go back to including fabric in my work and during my clear out discovered some vintage fabric in a lovely lemon yellow that was perfect for the flowers in my image. So the next piece of work began to take form.



Well to add to my inspiration I was lucky enough to go on a Frances Pickering 2 day workshop with the Halifax embroiderers guild. It was a lovely two days and I decided to continue with the image I had created. Introduced to new ways of working the little embroidered book came to life.

I loved the printing technique that we used and as my lasted work involved printing on paper it seemed a logical development to my own practice. As I had started including fabric in my work again I loved the idea of printing and creating my images this way. So an evening of printing was called for.

I have had in my mind for a while the idea to create a large piece that is worked into more than I have before. I began to collage and stitch the back ground and then played around with the printed flora I had created. The colours were more vibrant than my previous work but I really like the effect. It became clear I had to build up the layers so began with my beloved dandelions, a mixture of papers that were free machine stitched over the top.

Playing around with the composition I decided the bluebells were a little too much and clashed with the colours too much. I gradually added the printed elements, again free machining as I went.

Then as with any process I hit a brick wall and decided I didn't like the piece...typical after so many hours of work. I decided a beak was call for and after and coffee and current teacake I returned to add some more plants in the gaps The final layer of machining again returned to one of my favourite plants, Shepard's Purse and I began to fall in love with my piece again.

Now began the time consuming hand stitching so I got myself comfy in from of the telly and began seeding and section of the background. After 3 hours it was time for bed and the seeding began again in the pub waiting for my daughter. This is the piece as it stands at the moment.

At this point I like to take a break from a piece so I can come back at it with fresh eyes. I know I want to continue hand stitching the piece and possible adding some linen buttons like the ones on my book. Not sure yet whether to paint them or not. So watch this space or follow my on facebook or instagram to keep update with 'Spring on the canal'

Love for now
Anne xx


  1. So fascinating to see how you progress onto new pieces Anne. I'm feeling a little 'stitched out' at the moment as a result of booking too many events. I need a bit of your enthusiasm.

  2. Hi Anne - I love your work so much. Live too far away to take a class with you, so 3 of us got together on the weekend and had a workshop of our own. So much fun : http://lynettecollis.blogspot.co.nz/2015/06/paper-stitch-collage-playday.html
    Thanks for your inspiration :-)

  3. Just discovered your blog Anne and love your work. I did a 2 day workshop with Francis, I loved it too! Hoping to do some of your workshops at Norfolk next year.