Easter weekend off to Norfolk

What a lovely Easter weekend and to finish it off I went to Norfolk to run 2 workshops for Sew Creative. A lovely shop situated in Wroxham Barns, a converted farm that has a number of shops, cafes and children's activities, in fact a full day out for the family. My hubby tagged along (2 days cycling for him) and we had the joy of staying at Overcliffe Lodge enjoying sea views and the most amazing breakfast I have had. Fed and water for the day Barbara picked me up and we headed out. The attic studio is a lovely place to work and once the ladies arrived we began creating our stitched collages. Everyone had a fabulous inspiration image to work from and the translation into a stitched collage was amazing. The ladies worked hard all day fueled by coffee and lunch producing some lovely work.
These are photos of the work before stitching...

 ...After stitching...

All tided up and ready for day 2...Print collage stitch :)


  1. Thank you for a fabulous day Anne.

  2. Gorgeous - I'd be really proud to have made any of these.