Mad March Challenge

I decided to set myself a challenge to work in my sketchbook and kick start this years development of my work. So I have decided to try and work in my book for 30 minutes every day for a month...hence the Mad March challenge. This has coincided with the publication of my first booklet on working on your workbook (available on my folksy site). I will post some pictures on my facebook page of my progress and every few days will post here in a more detail.


For day one I decided to start off fairly simply and chose my favorite water soluble pen to work with.
Not really sure on what to do I started with a border and wrote about the challenge. After drawing some more boxes I began to doodle patterns in the boxes. As I worked I realised they would make good hand made stamps so continued to design 8 stamps.

On a Monday I wait at the local Rock climbing place while my daughter is climbing. So I got a basic kit together and decamped to the Pub that is linked to the club (only for a coffee of course) and got Artist block again AHHHHHHHH

I had a look in my bag and had the waste from the reinforcement rings I have used for my booklets. So I stuck these in and began with writing again. I then started doodling one of my favorite seed heads and slowly the page began to pull together. This time I expanded the amount of equipment I used. A mixture of text and doodling always works well especially when you fit the text around the doodling.

After suffering from artists block I decided that the focus today would be creating some background pages that I could then work on over the next few days. I had put together the mini rolling pins I designed on day 1 so decided to use them. I choose 3 colours to work with and added bubble wrap to my collection of equipment.

I began painting sections of the bubble wrap and printed the edges of the pages. Then using one of the rollers I added further detail to the page.

When I work I always have a sheet of paper to clean my rollers and stamps off on.This usually ends up being an interesting piece at the end and can be used in your book at a later date...so don't throw it away.

After embellishing with other stamps I finished the first double page and decided that as I had all the equipment out I may as well do 2 more.

 ...next pages


So I now have 4 pages ready to work on. This is a good idea as sometimes the blank page can put you off and make your mind go blank.

Hopefully I have inspired you to have a go in your own book. If so I would love to see your work and if it is ok with you, post here on my blog...

Have fun
Anne xx


  1. You made your own stamps and rollers!!! Fab inspiration on how to start your journal loving the shapes, colours and pages so far:-)

  2. I love your work. Is there any possibility you could make the font bigger on the blog post -- I really struggled to read it - and love reading about what you are up to.

  3. Intrigued! and tempted. If nothing else, continuing to work on some eco printed papers with your signature "abandon," could be my challenge.