Garstang day 2...Stitched Collage workshop

After a good nights sleep I was up and ready to meet Linda for day two in Garstang. Stitched collage workshop today and everyone was raring to go...

After selecting a range of papers the collaging began. Again I was amazed at the range of ideas and work that began to emerge out of a random collection of paper.

These are the pieces before the stitching began...

After lunch it was onto sewing and it is amazing how different the collages look. The machine stitching really brings them together and then with further embellishments some fantastic work was produced. It was a very enjoyable and productive afternoon. Even though there was a mix of abilities all the work created was really successful.

Thanks to everyone for a lovely day, and a special thanks to Linda of Creative Threads Workshop
to looking after me and everyone today xx




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  1. All of the collages are amazing, great to see the befores and afters. My mind still buzzing from yesterday's box workshop :-) xxx