Workbook in a day:- day 1 group

What a busy weekend I have planned, 2 workshops covering my favorite theme workbooks. I have been working in my own books for over 4 years now. They have evolved over time and if you follow my facebook page you will have seen the different formats I use. The propose of the day is to share my ideas, ways of working and hopefully to inspire others to use their books on a regular basis.

All set up and ready to start playing. The morning was spent experimenting with materials and techniques, then after lunch we began to apply the experiments to the workbooks. I am always amazed as to the variety of work that is done when everyone was given the same information. Some fantastic work was produced and this is just a glimpse...

...now onto day 2.


  1. Thank you for a fabulous inspiring day Anne, which went all to quickly.
    Lynn x

  2. Inspiring! I would love to go on a workshop like this - nothing doing in my neck of the woods tho. Plenty of online classes but the atmosphere just isn't there is it. These are fabulous books and I look forward to seeing the produce of Day 2 :D