So on to our turn...

We had a play day today with Claire Tinsley who spoke to us the night before. We were to to the bonded impressions workshop based on her quilt:- 'These are a few of my favourite flowers'

                                                                                       (poppy detail)

I had been looking at Claire's work prior to the workshop and had been thinking about what to do. As I am not a very 'flowery' person I had been looking for an image to base my work for the day on. It will come as no surprise that Dandelions featured high on the list.

Dandelion Seed head
(from my pinterest page LINK as not my photo)

The technique Claire uses is based on bonded layers that are built up from the backing piece of fabric. You can then paint and sew on the top to add depth and detail. Here is the piece I started on the day.

This was my piece a the end of the day. I am pleased with it so far and if I have time will continue to develop the piece. We had a lovely day chatting, sewing and developing a new technique.

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