A lovely afternoon in Harrogate

A little nervous at first, but I had a lovely afternoon and was made to feel very welcome by the ladies who attended Saturdays Harrogate Embroiders Guild. 'My journey from A to Z' explains my journey so far and how H-anne-MADE came about. It was lovely to meet again the ladies I first met at Art in the Pen and have a chat over a cup of tea. 

There were some lovely comments about my work and even a few laughs during my talk. I really enjoyed sharing my story and was so pleased to receive this e-mail the day after...

Hello Anne,
just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed Saturday, it was well worth the trip from Guisborough. Looking at your books has really spurred me on and when I got home I got out all my bits and pieces that I had collected and started putting them in books which I had started and forgotten about! I used to think that journals and sketch books had to have a reason or a theme but you've made me look at them in different light. As you say they are really a record of your journey through life and some days there is more to record that others but again I used to think there had to be something 'significant' to record but the small things can be just as interesting. I found some Italian papers I'd bought (I love anything Italian) just because I liked them with nothing in mind but now I know what I'm going to do with them (after 3 years). I daren't tear maps up in my house (my husband collects them) but I'm going to get some from charity shops just for that purpose.
So thanks again for inspiring me. I have Angie Lewin's books and armed with that and ideas you've given me I'm off to search out even more seed heads.
Good luck and hope to see you at Skipton.

Looking forward to the next one in March at the Halifax Embroiders Guild.

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